Sustainable land
development for Gabon's
future generations
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Our Mission

Façade Maritime du Champ Triomphal was created in 2015 and is a subsidiary of the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund, specializing in sustainable land development.


The integrated urban development
project of the Libreville waterfront:
new Art de Ville

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About La Baie des Rois

By 2030, Libreville will have one million inhabitants. Such demographic change makes it necessary to re-imagine the city and its spaces to promote more economic opportunities and social cohesion while preserving the country’s natural heritage. The activities of the FMCT today focus on the design, planning and development of the district of “La Baie des Rois”, the Maritime Façade of the Champ Triomphal, main avenue of Libreville and participates in one of the pillars of Transformation Acceleration Plan. La Baie des Rois is designed to offer a new model of a dynamic, accessible neighborhood intended to improve the living conditions of the population of the capital and of future generations, while integrating into its achievement the Sustainable Development Goals.


Seize investment opportunities

The new hotel complex in the Baie des Rois district is located on the northern side of the Corniche, in connection with the North Marina and the beach.
It is composed of 4 and 5 star hotels, high standing apartment hotels, a conference center, a casino and shops/services on the ground floor.


The commercial hub is a global attraction that includes a 2.5-hectare shopping mall with internationally renowned brands and local shops, facilities and services.


With the provision of ultra-modern housing offering services of international quality and even luxury, the African smart city attracts and retains a local and international population. The building is up to the expectations with materials and services (air conditioning, security, energy supply, etc.) of very high quality.

With more than 20 hectares dedicated to high-standing office space, the Baie des Rois has an ultra-modern business district offering services worthy of the world’s largest metropolises.


Equipped with an open data or computer center, the public lighting is remotely controlled to optimize performance and energy savings. Wi-Fi coverage allows everyone to be connected at all times. Interactive urban signs provide all sorts of useful information to users of the Baie des Rois. In the same way, public spaces are covered by video surveillance cameras which are managed from a security computer.